Going to a hospital is an interesting experience. When the world seems overwhelming, you want to escape. When your mental illness isn’t being curbed by your actions or medications, going to an inpatient facility might be your best option, But what happens there?

Well, the inpatient facility that I went into was, first of all, peaceful. Though there were others there with mental illness, schizophrenics and bipolars, I felt understood. The nursing staff was kind and listened when something went wrong.

After asking me questions about why I was there, they took the answers and believed me. They checked me in, made me take a shower, washed all my clothes, then led me in to the main area. They showed me my bed, and while it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, it was nice, and the blanket was warm.

Each morning, I got to talk to a nurse practitioner who helped me with my medications. She listened when I told her what I thought wasn’t working and was concerned about the side effects. There, my medications were adjusted with input from me.

Twice a day, my vitals were taken to make sure the medications didn’t have any physical side effects that were dangerous, If I wanted to talk to a therapist, I could.

Above all, they believed me and listened to my concerns at a time when I needed it. Asking for help can seem daunting, but if you need it, don’t be afraid to ask.