Book Review: Dumplin’ Book #2 – Puddin’ by Julie Murphy


This is a great companion to Dumplin’! Whereas the first book focused on Willowdean and Ellen, this one focuses on two secondary characters, Millie and Callie. And we get a good, long look at two incredibly different people with very different lives.

This book shows friendship in many forms, as well as detailing how two completely different people can become friends. Heartwarming and tear-inducing at the same time, this story of differences, strength, and determination will make you laugh, cry, and cheer as lessons are learned, friendship is tested, and things that are considered near-impossible are achieved. All of this is centered on two girls that seem to have nothing in common.

If you enjoyed Dumplin’ and are interested at taking a look at some of the more misunderstood characters, this is the book for you! A great read for teens of all cliques, and it might even change your attitude!

Book Review: Fringe – My Life as a Spirit-Filled Christian with Asperger’s Syndrome by Stephanie A. Mayberry


This book takes a look at being a Christian with Asperger’s and I enjoyed it. The author uses her own personal experiences to show that even with the challenges of Asperger’s, you can be a Christian.

I had some problems in the last chapter, and I didn’t agree with everything she said about salvation. I believe that the way she interprets certain parts of the Bible is different than I interpret them, but that is okay. She has a strong case as to why she is a Christian, and I can agree that we both believe in the One True God.

This book is charismatic in nature, and I am still exploring that part of Christianity. So if you want to learn more about the personal experiences of those who are charismatic, this is a good book. I think this is a personal look into the relationship between ONE person and God. Everybody experiences Him differently, and that is okay. I think there is a reason that there can be many different interpretations of the same passage, though I don’t know how things weave together. Great look into one way of interpreting the Bible.

Book Review: The Secrets that Young Women Keep by Dr Jill Hubbard & Ginny McCabe


This book got a 3.5 from me. Though its intentions were good, some of the problems mentioned were oversimplified. Telling teenagers that it’s okay not to be popular is well-meaning, but few teens are going to take you seriously.

On the positive side, this book does a great job on the subjects of suicidal thoughts, cutting, depression, and eating disorders. It was nice to see these subjects handled so well. And the list of secrets covered a lot of ground.

This is a useful book, but more as a foundation to knowing about secrets than the complete solution to all these problems. If you’re a young adult who struggles with one or more of the secrets discussed in ‘Secrets Young Women Keep’, by all means, pick up the book. Just keep in mind that the recommended reactions are not easy and not everything will work for everybody. Other than that, a thought-provoking read.

Book Review: Cherry by Lindsey Rosin


This book was a surprise. It was a good picture of the confusion, sadness, and excitement that often comes with the end of high school. This is a brilliant coming of age story that ended up making me have ‘all the feels’ by the end of the book.

The writing fit the story, starting out a bit immature and growing with the characters as they go through the last term of high school. The relationships and the drama remind me of the negative bits of school, but this story also builds on the positive.

I don’t agree with the casual attitude toward sex, and some other things bothered me as well, but this story was a reminder that you must keep moving forward. Recommended for young adults, not young teenagers.

Book Review: Good – The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood by David Mathis


The topics of gender and God-given roles are touchy and most people shrink under the force of militant feminism. However, this book handled the topics beautifully. Several different authors, both men and women, tackle the simple-yet-complex issues of manhood and womanhood.

From dissecting both masculinity and femininity and defining the differences as good, this book opens a pathway to honest discussion about the roles God has assigned for us. This book continuously affirms that men and women are equal. There is no doubt about that. However, it also explains the wonderful way men and women compliment each other.

If you are struggling with what it means to be a man or a woman, take a look into this insightful book.

Book Review: The Visitation by Frank Peretti

‘The Visitation’ is a book that has great reread value. The tale of a Travis Jordan is a wonderful story for those who have been burned out by the ‘stuff.’ That ‘stuff’ can weigh a person down and take away the passion for God. And even if you’re tired of all of the church stuff, this story reminds all those who read it that the burn out isn’t necessarily permanent.

The most inspiring part of this book is that, even though this story is told from the view of a Pentecostal pastor, it can be read by anybody. I relate with Marian in that I can’t speak in tongues. Newsflash: not everybody can. Not everybody worships the same way, praises the same way, and that’s okay because we all worship the same God.

This book is great for those overwhelmed by church, burned out from all the stuff, and disillusioned with the church. That’s okay. Humans go up and down, their passions and moods can change. And God is still right there, making everything turn out okay.

Love/Hate Writing Tag

This tag was created by Mandi Lynn, Brooke Passmore, and Natalia Leigh. You can find all their YouTube channels by clicking on their names.

The purpose of this tag is simple. Name three things you love about being a writer and three things you hate about being a writer.

1st Love – I love the feeling of creating a new world, fleshing our characters, and getting to know them as I write.

1st Hate – I hate dealing with the traditional publishing industry. It’s so hard to get anybody to look at your work, and they can dismiss you so easily. What about all the effort I put into my novel? It deserves better.

2nd Love – I love the way you can use writing to share opinions and thoughts in a way that, if it’s good writing, the reader might not even know they’re absorbing it until they consider what they’ve read later.

2nd Hate – The people who don’t even try to understand your novel, but they continue to berate you anyways when that’s not what I meant! Did you even read it?!

3rd Love – I love hearing that my writing has helped somebody through a dark time. I struggle with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety, and I know the pit can get deep. When my stories lift you out of despair or just sits down there in the dark with you, it’s the reason I write what I do.

3rd Hate – Advice from non-writers. Just…go away. Try to write a novel before you offer your ‘insightful wisdom.’ That would be good for everybody involved.

Anyways, that was the tag! I tag anybody who is a writer! Don’t forget to let the creators know when you post it, whether it’s on your blog or YouTube or whatever!