Book Review: Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith by Julie Clinton


Julie Clinton leads women on a deep dive on the subject of faith in this devotional book. With clear writing and a beautiful love of God that drenches each devotional, we can see the lessons learned through God’s patient teaching.

Using faith as the springboard, she branches out into ten different parts that are keys to building faith. From the topics of beauty and hope to passion and discontent, Clinton shows us the path to a deeper intimacy with God. But, even though God uses her to illuminate the way, the choice to follow is still yours.

Honest and discerning, this book will no doubt lead many women to understand what it looks like to have extraordinary faith. If you struggle with faith yourself, or if you simply want to grow closer to God, this is the book for you.

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God bless!

Book Review: No God But One: Allah or Jesus? by Nabeel Qureshi


Putting his wonderful story in another book, Nabeel Qureshi uses his experiences to expound upon the information that ultimately changed his mind about Islam and Christianity. With his unique voice and difficult journey, the author explores both religions deeply, and the facts don’t lie.

Nabeel explains the beliefs of Islam, his first religion, and Christianity, the religion he became convinced was true. Taking an unbiased observer’s perspective, he categorically and systematically looks at both religions. Looking at the characters of Jesus and Mohammad, the historical reliability of the accounts of their lives, and the integrity of the Bible and the Qur’an, Qureshi compares and contrasts the available information about these two very different religions.

I recommend this book for both Muslims and Christians who would like to know more about Islam and Christianity. Nabeel is the perfect person to explain this topic. Definitely a book worth reading.

Book Review: Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan


K.P. Yohannan takes a look into a different kind of missionary work that will fit with the more restrictive borders and rejection of Westerners. National missionaries are the key in this new era of missions, and Yohannan does not mince words about the importance of bringing the lost to Jesus.

Full of stories that show the great impact of the Word, this book is an interesting look into the realities of the Asian peoples. It is impossible to read through this book and not care about the lost souls of Asia. The passion of both Yohannan and the national missionaries is made clear in these pages.

This is a great book for missionaries who would like to learn more about the national missionary movement as well as the importance of teaching the Gospel in a culturally appropriate way.

Book Review: The Pilgrim’s Progress in Modern English by John Bunyan


I have wanted to read ‘A Pilgrim’s Progress’ for years, but every time I tried to read the original, I struggled with old language and unfamiliar words. When I received this book for Christmas, I was thrilled to finally have a copy that I could understand.

This Modern English translation of Bunyan’s beloved allegory is incredible and extremely accurate when compared to the original texts. The story of Christian is told in a fresh way that doesn’t detract from the beauty of the character’s journey. What can I possibly say that hasn’t been said before?

I recommend this book to those who are on their journey like Christian but cannot fully comprehend the old language that Bunyan used. Even if you enjoy the original, perhaps this translation will shed some new light on this old, yet still true book.

Book Review: C.S. Lewis’ Little Book of Wisdom compiled by Andrea Kirk Assaf and Kelly Anne Leahy


This is a little book full of the wisdom that C.S. Lewis collected and gave out to his many readers. And I absolutely love it. Compiled by two women who absolutely love Lewis’ works.

Arranged by topic, these quotes are collected from all of his books, letters, and essays. Fiction and nonfiction, it doesn’t matter. Fiction is a wonderful medium for conveying truth, and Lewis knew this very well. And all of these quotes inspire a deep desire to learn more about the God that this man knew so personally.

I would recommend this to anybody who just needs a word of comfort or knowledge. Lewis has sprinkled his passion for God and the wisdom He imparted throughout all of his writing. And of course we will all soon pass through the veil. The question is, who will be let into Aslan’s country?

Book Review: From the Library of C.S. Lewis compiled by James Stuart Bell


‘From the Library of C.S. Lewis’ is a fantastic look into the truth that ideas are transferred to each new generation. From the 300s up until his own time, Lewis collected the works of men and women that came before him, expanding his knowledge of his own faith. And this is a simple look in his library, which contained rich treasures into thinking and apologetics from Aristotle to Samuel Johnson.

This book contains selections favored by author C.S, Lewis, and the chosen readings are certainly timeless in their wisdom. From common Christian topics like obedience, Jesus’ sacrifice, grace, and suffering, all the way to creativity, writers, and fantasy. Each topic was considered important to Lewis, and it is really fascinating to see the ideas of men and women that influenced his life and philosophy.

If you are interested in knowing more about C.S. Lewis, or even if you just want to expand your reading to other authors of the faith and you’re not sure where to look, this is the book for you. With a great variety of authors from all time periods, this book will hold something for nearly everybody.

Book Review: The Pleasures of God by John Piper


This is a book that gives you more every time you read it. I’ve read it at least once before, and I thought then that it was such a rich source of knowledge about what pleases God. Now, reading it again, I know that there is even more depth to this book, and I love it even more.

In this book, John Piper takes the focus off of man and puts it where it belongs: on God Himself. The whole theme of the book can be summed up in one line: “The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love.” This quote (from Henry Scougal) is wonderfully applied to God. What does the Most Excellent Soul love? What gives It pleasure?

Exploring this question, Piper both begins and ends with God. If you were to look at the chapter titles only, you might be surprised by what God takes pleasure in. But Piper explains in great detail why each of those things pleases God, and in fact why He should be pleased in them. By the time you’ve read the last sentence, your heart should be bursting with the joy of knowing what pleases God most.

A deeply theological, thought-provoking book, ‘The Pleasures of God’ is a book I’d recommend to anybody who has ever wondered what pleases God most, or anybody who wants to learn more about what affects the heart of God.