I Am the Way: Prologue

Out of the black sky dove a creature even blacker. It slashed at me with hideous claws and though confused, my reaction was immediate. I hit the ground, rolling to the side and pushing myself back up to my knees, searching the darkness for the creature. I saw nothing, but I was helped up by…shadows. Not dark shadows like those on a sunny day, more like hazy silhouettes of light. The light ones were grouped behind me. Across a great expanse of grey ground, strange inhuman noises rose from a line of dark shadows, yowls and howls and screeches the likes of which I had never heard before. My skin crawled at the demonic din.

Again the dark creature swooped, and this time familiar instinct took over.  With bow in hand, I loosed an arrow. The monster fell to the earth, my feathered shaft protruding from its breast. The light beings behind me cheered, and a wail arose from the dark shadows. I laughed mockingly at the poor creature that had attacked me. I looked around, wondering what was going on. The eyes of the light beings behind me were all looking at me. Waiting for…something. Swords were being drawn suddenly and I realized something. They were an army and I must be their leader! They were waiting for a word, a movement, an affirmative.

Hesitantly, I signaled the advance and was pushed from behind as the light shadows surged forward. The dark beings started moving themselves, sprinting toward us. The two sides crashed together, the noise of chaos sweeping along the battle line. Swords and spears flashed around me, piercing both dark and light. Shadows littered the ground, the fallen light ones gleaming around the edges and the dark ones seemingly melting and pooling on the ground. Arrows whistled around me, coming from the mass of light shadows at my rear. Looking up, I saw more of the dark creatures flying above. Their inhuman screeches filled the air, while bold battle cries, more Human-like, sounded from the light ones.

Suddenly a thunderous roar came from the line of dark shadows and I wanted to move to cover my ears, but my body did not obey me. Instead, a narrow blade cut through the air in front of me and sliced down one of the dark shadows. Startled, I realized I was holding the blade. I apparently also knew how to use it because I sliced through another one, my muscles working to hack through what was apparently flesh and bone, not simply shadow. I seemed to be hacking my way through the dark creatures with five light shadows fighting at my side. My breathing was labored with the effort I was exerting, but I was getting through them. I glanced at all of them, but my attention was drawn to the hulking mass of a building before me. Something of dire importance lay inside of it. I did not know what it was or how I knew it was in there. I just knew I had to get in there. I cried out suddenly as one of the light shadows beside me was cut down, and I felt my whole world collapsing in on me. When it suddenly got up again, I breathed a sigh of relief. My party continued to cut through the enemy, which seemed to come from a never-ending source.

After what felt like forever, we came right up against the huge building, and we saw the door. Before we could get to the door, another loud roar sounded out. Ears ringing, I felt the ground shudder and screamed as the top of the building suddenly exploded upwards. Dark and light shadows both scrambled away from the rain of debris. I’d hugged the building during the explosion, so I darted backward, the five light shadows beside me, and I saw an enormous figure suddenly unfurling itself from the top of the ruined half of the building. It was big. Bigger than anything I had ever seen. Eyes of black with red pupils peered at me from what I assumed was its face. Death was the promise in those eyes. Yet I wasn’t afraid. I knew, somehow, that there was a Light bigger than this darkness that I faced. I pointed my finger at the monster above us, glaring at it and threatening it with words I did not understand; they came garbled out of my mouth, but the monster above me roared again, another ear-shattering noise that left my head throbbing. The dark shadows behind me joined in with their strange noises, then the giant figure spoke to me. I did not understand what he said, but I grew angry at his words and ran into the building, unsure of what would happen to me. The monster sank back down into the ruins.


Here is the link for purchase of the full first book.  https://www.amazon.com/Am-Way-Book-Scrolls-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00W4I8ZEY?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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