I Am the Way: Book One of the Lost Scrolls Trilogy

As some of you know, this blog was originally started for and named after a girl called Filynora. I have decided to do with my trilogy as I am doing with Debate and post it a chapter at a time. I will most likely update this one faster, as it is already complete, and there is a LOT to post.

I will start with the Note from Filynora and the Prologue. I will post two because the first one is a little bit of history that I decided to put at the beginning as something to refer to as a starting point, while the second one is part of the story. Please enjoy, and if you do, tell people about it.

I wrote this trilogy because I enjoy a good story, and because I couldn’t find one like it. A good reason to become a writer is to fill the empty spaces that others haven’t noticed or don’t care about.

I have spent much time on this trilogy. I started it when I was sixteen and finished when I had just turned eighteen or so. It has gone through many edits since then. The characters have developed, and so has my writing.

I am proud of these books, but I MUST give credit to God. I wasn’t planning on being a writer, but He, of course, knew I would be. He gave me the skills to be a writer, the will to write for Him, and the words that flow even now from myself to the page. Through good days and bad He was, and is, with me through this ocean called life. May we get to the shores of eternity, though which shore is not up to us. I hope this series blesses you and helps you to grow closer to Him. May His will be done, forever and ever. Amen.


Here is a link to my entire first book if you are too impatient to wait! 😉  https://www.amazon.com/Am-Way-Book-Scrolls-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00W4I8ZEY?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0


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