Through Aspie Eyes

Here’s one of the reasons college is a bad idea for me. It is a look into Aspergers Autism, which I do have. And before you comment, “Aspergers doesn’t exist anymore,” I say it does. I do not agree at all with what the ‘professionals’ did to the Autism section of the DSM. They are wrong, in my opinion, as Aspergers is a specific branch of Autism. Anyway, rant over. Please enjoy. 🙂


Crowded rooms, professors and students passing by

Running and shouting loudly to friends

They brush me, bump me, touch me, too.

They talk and talk all the time!

Why can’t they leave me alone?


I step outside into blinding light,

Flinching as pain assails me.

The students all hustle by, questioning me.

No I’m not fine, but I don’t tell them that.

Why can’t they leave me alone?


Itchy fabrics, uncomfortable clothes,

With flowing skirts, flapping against my legs.

Textures always grating against my skin.

Why can’t I wear what I want to?

Why can’t they leave me alone?


No, I won’t eat what’s on the plate!

It doesn’t feel right to me.

That’s like fire, and that is icy!

They snap and growl for me to eat.

Why can’t they leave me alone?


More talking, more people! That’s quite enough!

It’s much too loud in here!

Incessant talking and buzzing lights!

I don’t want to stay! I wanna go home!

Why can’t they leave me alone?!


Cover my ears, bite my lip

Rock back and forth to soothe

Eyes close tight then a sudden touch.

A hand covers mine and up I look and see

A promise to be left alone!


Silence, peace, and tranquility

Just me and my thoughts right now

I am home and in my room, surrounded by all I love.

I can do what I want and love it, too.

They finally leave me alone.


My interest blocks out the noise

That the rest of the house makes

I am absorbed in this writing

Making new places where there are

Places everywhere to be alone.


Books 2 and 3

Here are my second and third books.



Please enjoy! 🙂