My book didn’t begin as a book. It began, like everything does, with an idea. I just meant for it to be a short story about a girl who raises Elementals, but it turned into a story idea big enough to be a trilogy. Now, let’s get into Elementals. They are animals that have control over an element. The main Elemental in my story is a Kindle Wolf named Ember.

Ember is a black Kindle Wolf with red markings down his back. When irritated or commanded to by his mistress, the markings catch fire! Ember is Filynora’s pet. And it’s a lot like having a dog. Only this dog is very, very big. Elementals are not natural, and they’re extremely smart. They really just aren’t like other animals. There is a reason for that, but to find out why, you’ll have to read the book. šŸ™‚

Ember is very, very loyal to Filynora and would never harm her. He would, however, harm anybody who tried to hurt her. Humans are very frightened of Elementals, and therefore do not like their handler. They are given high honors if they kill wild ones, and they try to sneak in and kill Filynora’s Elementals. She does have more than Ember, you know!

Some of the other Elementals she has are a Cloudburst Dolfyn (water), a Glider Monkey (air), a Terra-Bear (earth), and a Phoenix (fire). She has more, but I’ll keep it at that!


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