Centaurs. The creature from Greek mythology, half man, half horse. If you think about it, actually, they’re more than half horse. I’d say 2/3 horse would be more accurate.

Gabrithon is a well tanned, golden haired Centaur. He is fierce and very skeptical of Filynora. He comes from a male-dominated culture that places very little value on females, and as Filynora is a female, he does not think very highly of her. Centaurs are very fierce fighters and forge swords and carve and use bow-and-arrow to fight. Their height has them living in shelters lifted very high off the earth. Their homes are basically tents that can be moved to different places depending on where food sources are. They live deep in the forests and are partially nomadic, but they do have permanent settlements where their are fruit trees and ample deer.

Unlike most stories, Dwarves are not the natural enemies of Elves. Centaurs are. They live in close proximity to each other and are very distrustful of one another. Dwarves will be covered in a future post, but for now let me close with this: Gabrithon, once he trusts you, is fiercely loyal. Can he learn to trust a Human female?



Let’s start with my version of Elves. First of all, no real magic is used in my books, so they’re not very magical creatures. They just come from a different culture and look different. Elves in my books are fairer than humans,  but their looks are deceiving. They are very strong and surefooted and have an affinity for plants, because that’s what they were created from. As man came from the dust of the ground, Elves came from the trees. Elves also have shimmering designs all over their bodies that are a part of them, not painted on. The designs are based on plants and animals and scenic pictures and consist of two different colors. An Elf’s entire body is based around the two colors. His eyes, hair, and designs are all both colors, sometimes various shades of them.

The main Elf in my books is named Elthinor. He’s seventeen and his color scheme is silver and green, my two favorite colors. I won’t say what his designs are because that would ruin the surprise of it when the book comes out. As for that, I don’t know at this point whether I’ll be self-publishing or not, but I’ll certainly let you guys know.